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The story she shared with us Amelie from the city Mechelen (Belgium). A woman told about how, with the help of the cream Varicobooster managed to save yourself from a surgery in the veins.

I want to tell the story about how cream Varicobooster he saved me from surgery.

How my troubles began

It all started with the fact that I'm very seriously against the health. The pain in your feet after a day and a little swelling of my upset. It seemed to me that this is the rule, because I'm constantly on my feet – because it doesn't hurt for the night? When I went to the doctor, I was already very pronounced veins in the legs. The outside was just awful (blue-red huge veins), but the physical discomfort that this has brought me, and I was standing with an aesthetic challenge.

The first question that made me the doctor: where were you before? I was busy all of everything, but not health. The second question was on the genetic predisposition for the development of varicose veins. Here the doctor made a mistake: in fact, my mother, who all his life has worked the teacher, suffered from enlargement of the veins which he tried to cure all the possible folk remedies. Used and conifers hits, and herbal extracts, and even cider vinegar, and finally the surgery.

I don't think I could, that the inheritance in this issue plays at least some role, but I guess I was wrong. When he heard about the predisposition, I was so scared that then I'll have to go under the knife of a surgeon, almost speechless. The next question to the doctor was regarding my professional activity – is not if it is associated with prolonged exposure to standing position? I already have more than 10 years as a barber, and, of course, all of the working time on the feet. Hearing this, the doctor said: "I Hope in a job that doesn't walk in heels?" I already have in the pot so: he always wore shoes with high heels, as it seemed to me to be feminine and beautiful, and the foot is so familiar with is not the natural state of a flat platform, I couldn't walk. Remember, how to get to the house and wearing slippers, he must have been at least an hour to lie down, to enter the leg without pain.

Then surprised me безответственностью the doctor asked for when they started the first symptoms of varicose veins it? And I remember particularly, I couldn't, when I started to get tired legs appeared edema and vascular of the eye. I generally fell into a stupor, as I had no idea what it's all symptoms of problems with the veins. I thought that the pain and clear blue veins, and there are indications of problems, and I thought I had a after pregnancy. And it turned out that everything was here with me for a very long time. My body is desperate to get to me, but I was blind.

Cream Varicobooster he saved me from surgery

Sitting in the doctor's office, I'm so корила himself this is not a careful attitude to yourself, that I almost cried. The doctor tried to reassure me, because research has shown that varicose is not yet at an advanced stage, and that in order to get rid of it without the help of a surgical scalpel. Then the doctor suggested me to take a vacation for a few weeks, to buy a special underwear for permanent compression and to use cream Varicobooster. The expert said that it is a very good balm, which has neither a patient he saved from the need to carry out surgery for the treatment of the extension of the vein. I started to get worried as in many creams, ointments, gels, I had a terrible allergy, but the doctor reassured me, because this instrument was completely natural composition, which almost no one does not cause reactions.

I'm a little calmed down, you put yourself in a good outcome and strictly followed the instructions. I did not notice how fast my swelling started to disappear, the feet less tired and sick, and most importantly – vienna stopped to have a hell of a view. At the end of the course applications, my feet were fully healthy, so the doctor allowed him to return to professional activity, but finally decided to change jobs, as I don't want to risk your health.

The experience from the use of the cream Varicobooster

Now my legs are good, and I can without a problem to wear open things, and even after long rides the baby can't feel pain and fatigue, and the swelling I don't remember. Maybe someone will help my story, and I'll be very happy, if someone also to avoid surgery and to be able to cure varicose veins with the use of the cream Varicobooster.