Instructions for use Varicobooster

Features of application of the cream from varicose veins Varicobooster

How to apply the cream Varicobooster

In compliance with the directive, balm Varicobooster it has various uses, depending on the objectives of the drug:

  • If the tool is intended to prevent the appearance of varicose veins, then the cream should be applied once daily for 12-15 days. After the application of the tool should be light massage movements, while the content is fully absorbed into the skin.
  • If the use of the drug should eliminate manifestations of varicose veins (vascular mesh on the legs), regularity of applications depends on the severity of the disease (an average of the cream is applied 2-5 times per day). The therapeutic course of application is from 1 month (you will need to monitor the symptoms of the disease).

To avoid the familiarity and the development of an allergic reaction manufacturer strongly recommends not to apply balm to the affected areas more than 5 times a day. Use a cream that may be in any position, because the tool is absorbed quite quickly and stain clothes. For the leg muscles have lost elasticity and tone, during the period of application of the balm Varicobooster it is advisable to do exercises, performing physical activity of legs (squat, jumping, stretching, etc.), as well as more walking.

It is worth noting that you can't use the cream within a few months. For the treatment of varicose veins at an advanced stage you want to pause in 2-3 weeks after each month of application of the balm Varicobooster. To prevent the recurrence of the disease, it is advisable to use a cream for prophylactic purposes time in six months (the duration of this course – 12-15 days).

Indications and contraindications for the use of the cream Varicobooster

Balm Varicobooster it is a unique tool developed by leading scientists. The use of this drug appears in the following cases:

  • in phlebitis varying degrees of severity;
  • in chronic venous insufficiency;
  • when swelling, developing due to injury?
  • after treatment of thrombosis;
  • when there is a hematoma, which is located in the muscles of the legs;
  • with the presence of cardiovascular "stars?
  • during the recovery period after surgery.

Given that the composition of the cream Varicobooster there are only natural herbal ingredients, it can be used by people of any gender and age. The only contraindication is the idiosyncrasy and allergic reactions to some substance.

If you are unsure about any allergies to its ingredients, require to make specific test for the sensitivity. To perform this can be at home. To do this you need to apply a balm for the skin and keeps track of address with the phase during the day. If the changes have not been observed, then you can safely use the cream. If you feel itching and burning sensation, as well as on the skin appear redness, by applications Varicobooster it is worth to refuse.

Also contraindication is the restriction on the regularity of the application of the balm (maximum 5 times / day), or to feel itchy and on the skin appear redness and rashes.